Description of the project

Landscape parks and gardens (among them many of  Lenné-gardens from between the XIX and XX Century) constitute an important and specific element of the predominantly agricultural regions of German Brandenburg, Vorpommern and Polish Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship. They are not only visually attractive, but also make up an important element of the regional cultural heritage.


This project (being a part of INTERREG IV A Programme) is entitled „Development and tourist marketing of the valuable landscape parks – networked participants in Euroregon Pomerania”. One of its main goals is to develop a cooperation network.

This network will establish the cooperation between the participants of the project. This will help to revitalize the gardens and then - to take advantage of the revitalisation, in terms of touristic and communal development. The network, will make it possible for its members to cooperate, exchange ideas and implement common projects.


The goal of this project are specific activities in three, selected landscape gardens: two of them located in Germany, in Regional Park Barnimer Feldmark (Lenné-Park Blumberg and manor garden Hirschfelde) and one located in Poland, in Ustronie Morskie community near Kołobrzeg (Lenné-garden Rusowo).


The activitities within the project's framework include:

  • renovation of some of the alleys and pathways in Hirschfelde garden
  • Construction of the fairground together with a pavillon in Blumberg Lenné-garden
  • design and production of a common, consistent visual information system (informational boards and signposts) for each of the three gardens
  • Design and publishing of a common website
  • Garden presentation on uniformly designed informational flyers


Project timeline – February 2014 – May 2015.