Barnimer Feldmark Regional Park

Despite the fact, that Barnimer Feldmark Regional Park borders with the eastern Berlin quarters (Lichtenberg and Marzahn-Hellersdorf), it has a mainly agricultural profile.
The park is located in the Brandenburg state, and occupies an area of approx. 25 kilometer-radius between the Berlin-Bernau and Berlin-Strausberg routes.


Traditional villages, manor houses and mansions, carefully restored churches and stone houses, little lakes and ponds, wide fields and old tree avenues – all those are precious details of the Barnimer Feldmark Park's landscape. In the north-eastern part of the Park, the landscape has a mainly glacial character, dominated by hills, lakes and forests.


Numerous individuals and institutions (farmers, tourism enterpreneurs and most of all the local authorities) were engaged in the creation of the Regional Park Barnimer Feldmark Association (Regionalpark Barnimer Feldmark e.V.) in 1996. Their efforts eventually led to the emergence of the „Barnimer Feldmark” micro-region.


Regional Park area

Regional Park area


Regional Park area  Download [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Regional Park area
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Regional Park Barnimer Feldmark Association